Sunday, August 5, 2012

When I Get to Heaven

When I get to Heaven,
I will play the violin.
I’ll learn sign language with no effort
 -- and speak it fluently.
I'll have time and space to raise my favorite animals -- llamas.
(They won't even stink.)
I’ll sing and talk and write and read and play the piano
...all day.
And when I go to Heaven,
I’ll leave a lot of unpleasant things behind.
My body won’t feel old there.
I’ll never be tired.
My brain won’t lose names and dates and events.
I won't buy any more insurance in case of accident, flood, fire or violence.
Never again will I do housework or homework or follow a budget.
And I’ll no longer have to work to keep myself slim.
Over there,
my loved ones will have perfect bodies, too.
My nephew won't have diabetes.
My dad will have clear and complete vision.
And my niece, The Princess,
won’t have any more limitations caused by cerebral palsy.
She’ll be able to express herself
and everyone will understand what she’s saying.
She’ll breathe easily
and move smoothly.
She’ll have no more seizures
or surgeries.
We’ll dance together,
both of us on our feet,
for the first time.
When The Princess and I meet each other in Heaven,
it will be a wonderful, wonderful day.
But even better than all that...
When I get to Heaven,
I’ll hang out with the One Who’s loved me all these years,
every day of my life,
Who’s watched me and guided me through thick and thin,
hard times and happy.
The One Who now protects, comforts and guides me.
Every day.
I’ll sing with Him,
celebrate with Him,
and follow Him around.
He’ll give light wherever I go
and fill my heart with the eternal certainty that I am eternally loved.
By His goodness,
He’s given me a very good life to live here.
I am thankful for its blessings every day.
But when I get to Heaven,
it’ll be even better.
It will be glorious!

-- Reenie


  1. Love that!! And when I get to heaven I'll sing on tune, and I'll be a gourmet cook and open a restaurant and dance in rhythm. Oh there's so much my heart dreams of doing in heaven!!

  2. Carla Anne,
    I loved reading about your dreams for Heaven! I will eat at your restaurant and listen to you sing anytime.
    And the best part... we'll never run out of time to do all that we want to do!

  3. So good!!! You had me in tears Laureen and touched a deep part of my soul with your profound insight and expression. What a glorious expectation and hope of heaven we have, and all because of Jesus, the lover of our souls, who has no limitations and is even now creating such a place for us. A place where I will be able to dance with all the enthusiasm and unbridled passion of those from other continents than mine. A place where time will never run out and the communion of our hearts with our Lord and all those who call Him so will know no depths of connection and intimacy. I can't wait!!!

  4. Well said, Noreen!
    It WILL be glorious, won't it?
    -- Reenie