Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thin Place

A thin place is where we’re especially close to God. It’s a place where the barrier between us and God is thinner, the obstacles fewer, than in most times and places on this earth. *

Every month, the Special Needs Ministry of Calgary’s Centre Street Church hosts The Outpouring, when people of all types of abilities gather to pour out their hearts in worship.
The Outpouring is a very thin place.
Now, The Outpouring is not simply a ministry to people with disabilities. It’s not a service where “normal people” include people with disabilities, talking to them about the love of God.
It is a place where many people share gifts – of music, leadership, speaking, visual arts – so people of all abilities can stand (or sit) shoulder-to-shoulder, loving and worshiping our wonderful, loving God.

During Jesus’ time on earth, He welcomed and cherished people who are poor, who are sick, people who are young or old. He gave a lot of attention to people who are vulnerable, people on the fringes of society.
So, when we gather for an Outpouring, I sense He is very close, moving among us, through us, between us. As we pour out our hearts in worship, He pours out His love onto us.

When I come away, I know I’ve been in His very presence.
If you live around Calgary, Alberta, I invite you to come and experience this thin place, near to the heart of God.

The Outpouring is held every third Friday evening of the month at Centre Street Church.
*Mary DeMuth, Thin Places: a memoir, Zondervan, 2010.

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