Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Worst Thing About Teachers

The best thing about teachers is their humanity.

They have a remarkably personal ability to build a caring, one-on-one relationship with each individual student.

They can adapt the very same lesson to fit each student’s unique learning needs.

Teachers have an amazing capacity to give everything to their students
every single day.
Then, in evenings and on weekends, they keep giving more.

Teachers know their students’ feelings are fragile.
They also know their students need firm boundaries.
They can be gentle and tender-hearted one moment,
and no-nonsense firm two minutes later.

They’re always learning –
new strategies, new content and new insights about their students.

Teachers stretch themselves a little further,
give themselves a little more,
work a little harder
and persevere a little longer, 
hoping just a little more effort will make the difference for one of their students.

The worst thing about teachers is their humanity.

Teachers have a lot of patience...
but sometimes they run out.

They keep on giving...
but then they get exhausted.

Teachers take care of students, colleagues and parents...
but also need time to take care of themselves.

They’re always learning new ideas...
but there’s a lot they’ll never know. 

Teachers love each student...
but they have to work harder at loving some than others.

Teachers are professionals...
but they'll never be perfect.

Teachers' gift... and their that they're only human.

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  1. Well said my teacher friend! You know, you sure are talented, and I sure am blessed to read what you write!!! :)