Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Not Exaggerating

I've recommended a million kinds of resources to a thousand different people, for a hundred-and-one reasons. I understand that everyone has different tastes and different needs. Not every book appeals to everyone.

So I carefully hold myself back from saying, "You've got to read this book."

Back in April, 2010, thousands of women attended Beth Moore's simulcast So Long, Insecurity (You've Been a Bad Friend to Us). I attended with several friends, and we found it a life-changing experience.


I'm now reading Beth's book by the same title, So Long, Insecurity, and I'm finding it even more life-changing.

So I'm writing to say....

Every woman has got to read this book.

Nearly every woman I know deals with insecurity to some degree, in some area or another. And it's a handicap to all of us.


In this book,
you'll hear Beth Moore ringing your bell,
     singing your song, and,
          maybe, even telling your story.

Directly and indirectly, in this book Beth tells the stories of women everywhere.

The good news is, the book doesn't stop at identifying our insecurity. It gives us the comfort of knowing we're not alone, that insecurity is common to the human condition, and....

It helps us overcome the insecurity-handicap and learn to live free!


If you're a woman of any age,
and maybe if you're not... but you love a woman or a girl of any age...

I'm not exaggerating when I say...

You've got to read this book!

So Long, Insecurity (You've Been a Bad Friend to Us) by Beth Moore, published by Tyndale House. www.solonginsecurity.com.

After you read it, please write and tell me how it changed your life, too.
-- Reenie

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