Sunday, August 22, 2010


Children Hear What We Need to Tell Them

When we in faith communities welcome children who have special needs, those children, too, get to be taught the principles of our faith.

We believe that all our children should be taught, so we must teach children with special needs, as well as kids who are typically-developing and healthy.

In Christian faith communities, that means children get to hear that God planned them, designed them, and made them with a purpose that is broader and greater than anything they’ll ever imagine.

They get to hear that God loves them so powerfully He longs to be their Best Friend.

Like other children, children with special needs will hear that their lives have value, that the struggles and obstacles they face are not the end.

They hear that, whatever challenges they walk through in this life, they’ll never be alone. Jesus will walk with them through everything, giving courage and strength to overcome each hurdle, and to live with joy each day.

And they hear that, despite all their challenges, despite their limitations and maybe even because of them, God can and will work through them to make a positive impact on their world.

Typically-developing children need to hear all of that.
Children with special needs need to hear it, too.

Let’s be intentional about welcoming them all... and let's tell them with all our might.

Next Up -- What Other Kids See When We're Not Showing Them

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