Saturday, February 19, 2011

#9 – Filling Up With Joy

We’ve all heard that it’s better to give than to receive.

In our day,
and our society,
when it’s become downright fashionable to give to those who are more needy than we are,
even those with the toughest hearts have experienced the joy of giving ourselves.

When we welcome people with challenges into the church,
we who are “strong” have a chance to experience the joy of serving.

Whether we're teachers,
program leaders,
program developers,
or simply friends...

Whether we help regularly
or once in awhile...

Whether we serve face-to-face,
or up front,
or in the background...

Whatever we do,
however we serve,
it brings us joy,
as long as we serve with an open and generous heart.

It’s even better,
when people who have
and mental health challenges
also get a chance to experience the joy of serving.

Why should serving be limited to those of us who think we’re “normal”?
Why do we always have to be on the giving end?
It’s not so bad for us to be receivers occasionally.

Each of us can find a place to serve,
a means to serve,
a unique way to make a difference for each other.

Let’s open our minds,
and our hearts,
to create opportunities for us all to be filled up with the joy of serving each other.

It’s still better to give than to receive.
Humbling ourselves to let others serve us is another way to give generously.

#10 – Next Up – Most important....!

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